Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Soul Sister

It's 4:05am...almost my typical bedtime. Usually, about an hour before, I would have driven to my corner Speedway and bought a cup of coffee and a pack of cigarettes...maybe an orange slushee. But in exactly five and a half hours, I'll be landing in Denver to visit my friend Paul. My last visit for the summer. He's my Sister Peri Reid and I'm his CeCe Winans. Ultimate Soul Sister Rock Stars. We've already talked about fifteen times today. He's already told me how he's made my bedroom just right, and I'm sure my Aloha fan is set up on his toy tv tray right next to the bed, the way I like it. He's already loaded his kitchen up with rosemary triscuits, cheese and diet coke with lime, ready for my arrival. He has CD's made for our trip, to drive around in his jeep, jammin to the best music; he has always had a sense for the perfect life soundtrack. While I'm there, I always feel that I live there, but when I get home, it feels very far away. But Paul always seems close. I love that we know the names of Lifetime movies and that no matter what I do wrong or what I feel, we always find some place in the middle to converge our friendship. He's already told me that upon arrival at his house, at 8:30am Denver time, we'll be driving to the Cherry Creek Starbucks to get our Iced Americana's. We'll probably bring his pup Sybil with us and as we're driving around, listening to music, smoking menthols, it will be like it has always been. It will feel right. I love Paul for that. He's probably one of the greatest friends I've ever had, and I don't think we tell people how important people are to us when we have the chance. The funny thing with him is that I don't have to tell him. He knows. On Sunday, we're going to have dinner at Susie's house, and I'm excited for them to meet. It is strange though that for some thirty years, Susie has tried to get my mom to come and visit and now it is me visiting instead. But just like Eleanor Roosevelt said about her husband, maybe I am my mother's legs. I had thought a lot this summer about possibly moving to Denver and I haven't ruled that idea out yet. But I have unfinished business at home. But just for a week, I'll be able to get away from everything, sit on his "love" patio, have great conversation, model tops, eat great food late at night from the burrito lady($3 dollars for the best burrito in the world), drive around feeling like rock stars and just getting into some good old wholesome trouble. What more could you ask for in your late thirties. And like every other trip I've taken recently, I'll be open to new experiences and new people and hopefully will find some direction in this journey. The really nice thing is that I've found a new home in Denver while keeping my home here. Everyone keeps asking me why I go to Denver so much. But why not. It feels like home there and when I get back, well, I'll always have the Speedway, where my guy will be forever serving up day old coffee and friendship for free...I guess I really can't ask for much more.

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